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A Fresh Twist on Traditional Cookies

Lemon Rosemary Cookies


Our Lemon Rosemary cookies are based on a traditional Greek lemon cookie. As you bite into one of these, your taste buds are introduced to a myriad of flavors. With an initial lemony impression made by the glaze, what follows is the subtle addition of just enough rosemary to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed. With a soft, cake-like texture, this cookie proves as quite the crowd pleaser. 


Try eating them upside down to really intensify the initial lemon flavor!


Lavender Cookies

That's right...lavender, as in the flower. In fact, the unique flavor experienced with this delicate cookie is mostly due to the actual culinary lavender buds in the recipe. Thanks to a slightly higher percentage of butter, these cookies will practically melt in your mouth. 

Coconut Lime Cookies

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